The Alchemist Mystic



I play it coy in 2016

The Piscean archetype is The Mystic, whereas Mercury as Virgo is The Alchemist; I am a Pisces Sun with a chart ruled by Mercury in its Virgo manifestation. I like expressing thoughts through writing amongst other things; someone once told me that my eighth house guides me towards this mode of expression in order to find my deepest self & I believe her. My problem is staying consistent and focused. My Pisces Sun searches all over. I have multiple platforms for my multitude of habits and passions.

So far, I’ve proven myself the definition of a jack of all trades and master of none. My plan is to step away from this persona in 2017 and beyond. I am turning twenty-four in 2018 and I want to make sure to tie up all loose ends & prepare for an enlightening Jupiter cycle before I have my second Jupiter Return. I need to reconcile the two mantras that I have used to shape myself: (a) Be unapologetically honest about who I am, how I feel, & what I’m passionate about, and (b) Focusing and refining my knowledge of things. Often times, this is the very reason I am scattered in my interests. I have a passion for most anything, and I am willing to deepen my focus on each and every one of them.

This blog is a testament to my commitment to one of my three passions.The other two passions are artistic and vain: dancemaking and make-up. Yes, I swim in both the deep and the shallow. I have been dancing all my life, but it was just recently that I considered make-up seriously. If I’m not clear enough, I can safely say that this is a blog dedicated to my pursuit of a higher understanding of astrology.

I want to be able to proudly call myself an alchemist and a mystic, and I’m on my journey there. Onward, we go!

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