Kanye’s Gemini

Today was the first time I listened to Kanye’s The Life of Pablo. Wanting to know what critics thought about it, I googled the reviews. Came across this one and was amazed at how Rolling Stone was able to tap into the essence of how a Gemini makes art or accesses their aesthetics.


“The world has distracted from Kanye West’s creative process – except, as he shows on The Life of Pablo, distraction is his creative process.”

Lately, Geminis have had a reputation of being the worst sign in the zodiac because they’re too.. Frivolous? Chatty? I don’t really know what exactly, but I know that there is a side of Geminis that don’t get discussed much, which I honestly feel makes them feel understood – and therefore, isolated & alone, like Kanye. It is what’s most known as their “sensitive” side. I have not been fully comfortable to describe Geminis as sensitive because maybe there’s 5% truth in that.

Instead, I would describe it as Anger. You know the Aquarian anger/rebelliousness that surfaces as a social revolution? Well, I think Gemini has the seed of that Aquarian, air-type intellect. The Geminian energy is a departure from the Taurean’s rootedness in the self. So there is a nervous spark to depart from the body, the personal kinesphere. This is the genius of it. The Mercurian Gemini has to question this departure, and maybe even gets stuck in this realm between the social and the self. This is, as I’m listening to the album, embodied in “I Love Kanye”.

My favorite track so far is “Wolves” with its charming but pensive sampling of a soprano child-voice. The lyrics are overwhelmingly pessimistic in nature, but even in its pessimism, I could truly feel anger and resentment. I really can not tell towards what or whom; it seems that it’s directed at everyone and everything, which means that it’s as good as it being directed at nothing in the first place. I suppose this could be why we do not often understand a Geminian angry spell. It’s not a spell at all – we must have misperceived. It must be an ever-present, ever-consuming anger at what’s outside of the self.

Before today, I have never listened to a Kanye album in full. I am enjoying what I am hearing. The sound is changing all throughout the album, and even within a track itself, there are mood shifts – not just the Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus formulation that we often hear on the radio. Each track feels like it has its own intro, outro, verses, chorus, shortcut, intersection, etc. And yet somehow, the whole album is still a truly colorful and cohesive collage made by Kanye himself. If he ever honestly proclaims that he is God, I could understand why. His creativity is unbounded and uncontrollable by the limits of present society (Air-type idealism, remember?) but is crafted at the end. The final product is a story, and possibly, a seed of a musical movement.

I cannot claim to have deciphered the Geminian energy, much less Kanye West. Dare I say that he is the most misunderstood hip hop artist so far in the 21st century? Kanye thinks not. Click here for Kanye’s own musings about Geminis and more.






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